How to incorporate more exercise into your daily life

Perhaps you associate the word exercise with gym training or a specific sport? It does not suit everyone and there is nothing to be sad about. Any form of movement can have a positive impact on your health and there are many ways to move more.

Exercise makes you fitter, stronger and improves your memory. You will also sleep better. The risk of disease and bone fractures is reduced. That’s why it’s a good idea to incorporate more movement into your daily life and avoid being sedentary. But many people ask how to do it when they are not used to it.

Walking is a good way to start

Walking is an easy way to get exercise. The big advantage of walking is that the risk of injury is low. How much walking do you need to do to get the effect? Walking 10,000 steps a day avoids a number of health risks associated with being too sedentary. Recent studies even suggest that we should take closer to 15,000 steps per day.

Count steps and make an appointment with a friend

Feel free to measure how many steps you take. Your phone often has a built-in pedometer. For example, look for the Health app on your iPhone. Alternatively, get a pedometer. Even if you don’t quite reach 10,000 or 15,000 steps per day, you often get a good improvement in health compared to not exercising at all.

Another, slightly more fun method is to book daily walks with a friend. Either meet and walk together, or walk separately but put on your headphones and talk on the phone for an hour. Alternate every other day by listening to an audio book or lecture on YouTube and you’ll have something to tell your friend on your next walk!

Refuse the lift and get a stronger heart

Another method is ‘Refuse the lift’. As soon as it is possible to take the stairs instead of the lift, you get a chance for free exercise in your daily life. Moving on stairs does a lot for your heart and lymphatic system.
To get more steps, you can also choose a cheaper parking space at a longer distance – and take a nice walk instead. The trick is just to add 5-10 minutes of extra travel time to accommodate the extra steps!

"Don't exercise to make yourself feel younger,
do it to avoid getting older"

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