Three key words for successful change

Motivation, planning and implementation

To implement a change and successfully reach your goal, you need to be aware of the three pillars: motivation, planning and implementation. Each of these is interdependent.

Motivation is an ambiguous concept. According to the Bonnier Swedish dictionary, motivation is “the driving forces behind a behavior or action”. But sustainable motivation is rarely about tangible factors such as pay or benefits at work. It is deeper. Motivation is your driving forces such as dreams, visions and desires. We are all motivated in our own way – we strive to do what we think will pay off and avoid actions that do not give us satisfaction.

What motivates you and what makes you work to achieve your goals?

Get help with planning with the Mineral Station health journal

It is easy to make a plan and stick to it in the beginning. But after a while, it often becomes more difficult and planning is forgotten. Don’t make this mistake but create a clear and visible plan. Checklists and weekly schedules are good tools. Feel free to use the Mineral Station’s health journal, which makes it easy for you to see what you are doing about your health.

Two minutes to strengthen your change journey

Making a health change requires perseverance. Sometimes you lose character and discipline some time after starting a good concept. Here you benefit from the so-called “2-minute rule”. It consists of stopping, looking at the clock and spending two minutes talking to yourself and reminding yourself of your goals and why you are making the change you are making.

  • These questions can help you continue your change journey without losing focus:
  • What do I want to achieve with my change?
  • Why am I making the change?
  • What would it mean for me to reach my goal?
  • How will I achieve my change?
  • What obstacles might I encounter along the way?
  • How do I get past them?
  • How will I feel when I reach my goal?
  • Feel free to write down your goals and motivations in your health journal.

Feel free to write down your goals and motivations in your health journal.

"You don't have to know to start, but you have to start to know"

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