About us

A company based on quality and knowledge

Mineralstationen is a fully Swedish knowledge and wholesale company that develops and sells high-quality food supplements based on natural raw materials. Our retailers are mainly well-trained health and nutritional therapists in various fields of expertise and gyms with a high level of knowledge in nutrition.

The mineral station started operations in 2019. With the wide range of natural ingredients in our products, we stand out in the market for food-based supplements. We take a holistic approach to our work – not only will you find a carefully selected range of nutritional supplements, we also provide you with tips, advice and knowledge to help you strengthen your body through good habits and healthy routines.

Your results - our driving force

Our driving force is to help you as a customer achieve results and create a positive change in your health. That’s why we only work with the very best raw materials and products we can find. We know the unique value of food-based nutrition that supports all the synergistic functions your body needs to rebuild and repair itself.

Our products can be purchased via Mineralstationen.se or at one of our nearly 200 retailers around the country. Together with our partners, we want to help more people feel better, have more energy and make a positive health change in their lives.