Nutrition in synergy – why you should choose supplements made from natural ingredients

Nutrients in food are not naturally isolated. They act in synergy with other nutrients and enzymes. Synergy occurs when different substances interact in such a way that the overall effect is greater than if they acted separately.

Nature is wonderfully structured and balanced. In each raw material, the nutrients are stored in synergy. Milk contains enzymes that help your body break down lactose. Vitamin-rich fruits contain several substances that help the body to absorb the nutrients in the fruit.

The synergists are needed All nutrition in its natural form is organized in synergy. One substance supports the ability of the other to be absorbed by the consumer of the fruit or vegetable. All nutrients need other substances in order to be used and benefit our bodies.

Moreover, most nutrients in nature are balanced with each other. This makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients from natural raw materials. This is also why it is more difficult to get good results when taking supplements in the form of tablets with individual nutrients – the synergists are missing.

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