6 tips to maximise your recovery

Sleep is by far the most important factor for recovery. But it can also be healthy to spend a few minutes recovering during the day, for example at work or in the hours before bedtime.

In recovery, the parasympathetic part of the autonomic nervous system becomes dominant. It reduces the body’s stress level by lowering the heart rate and increasing heart rate variability, which acts as the body’s own brake. Having a high heart rate variability (HRV) at rest is generally a positive sign of health.

These 6 simple tips will help you achieve a healthy and regular recovery:

1. Get enough high-quality sleep – especially during demanding periods of life.

2. Appropriate physical activity and a healthy diet contribute to good recovery during sleep. Adapt the physical activity to your fitness level and life situation.

3. The hours before bedtime are important. Learn to finish your daily chores earlier and unwind before going to bed. Think about going to sleep with grateful thoughts, reflecting on what went well during the day. You get more of what you pay attention to, so in the evening you should only focus on what you enjoyed during your day and what went well.

4. Learn to slow down on stressful days. For example, do mindfulness or relaxation exercises.

5. Minimize alcohol intake and avoid hard exercise just before going to bed.

6. Meditate once a day. 5 minutes is enough to get a good health effect. Get a good app that reminds you to meditate and contains good meditations. Or find beautiful meditations on Spotify or YouTube by searching for “theta waves”.

"With meditation, you become a sensitized superhero , fully controlled, with infinite possibilities at your fingertips"

Tara Stiles
Model and yoga instructor

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