1. General

1.1 These Terms of Representation (the “Terms”) apply to any company registered as Independent Representative (“Representative”) via and associated pages, (“Website”). An agreement is signed between your company and Repond Group AB, Corporate ID No. 559123-5089 (“Mineralstationen”). Detailed contact information and other information about Mineralstationen can be found on the Website. The terms here apply only to any Representative who is a company and is liable for F-tax.

1.2 The Representative must be an F-tax company to make orders on the Website. The representative of the company must be a company signatory of at least 18 years of age. Under Swedish law, Mineralstationen cannot accept credit purchases from people under 18 years. Mineralstationen reserves the right, in individual cases, to deny or amend a Representative’s order (for example, if the Representative has provided incorrect information and/or has a poor credit rating).

1.3 Mineralstationen reserves the right for final sale and any image or text errors on the Website, such as errors in product description or technical specification, incorrect prices and price adjustments (such as changed prices from suppliers, currency changes) or incorrect information regarding an item being in stock. Mineralstationen has the right to correct such errors and to change or update the information at any time. If the incorrect price has been stated for an item ordered by the Representative, Mineralstationen will, of course, notify the Representative of this and await the Representative’s approval of the corrected price before Mineralstationen continues with the order. All image information on the Website should be viewed as illustrative only. Such illustrations cannot be guaranteed to represent the number of goods the representative receives or the exact appearance, functions or origin of the goods. Mineralstationen is not responsible for information on the Website that comes from a third party.

1.4 The Website, and all content therein, is owned by Mineralstationen or its licensors. The information is protected by, among other things, intellectual property and market law. This means that trademarks, company names, product names, images and graphics, design, layout and information about goods, services and other content may not be copied or used without written permission from Mineralstationen. 

2. Agreement and Order

2.1 In order to make a purchase through the Website, the Representative must accept the Terms. By accepting the Terms, the Representative undertakes to comply with the Terms in its entirety, and agrees that they have taken advantage of the information about personal data and consented to the use of personal data and cookies in accordance with Mineralstationen’s Privacy Policy, see Privacy Policy. 

2.2 A purchase agreement is concluded only when Mineralstationen confirms the Representative’s order and the Representative receives the order confirmation from Mineralstationen by e-mail. Mineralstationen suggests the Representative save this order confirmation for any future contact with Mineralstationen’s customer service. The Representative can revoke their order until it has been confirmed by Mineralstationen. If the order is cancelled, Mineralstationen will refund any payments made by the Representative or their payment or credit card company regarding the order. 

2.3 The Representative is a fully independent trader and is not entitled to represent Mineralstationen, enter into agreements or make other agreements or commitments in the name of Mineralstationen.

2.4 These Terms apply between the Parties and cannot be transferred to another party.

2.5 The Representative must be reliable and provide valid information when informing about Mineralstationen’s products.

3. Representative information, etc.

3.1 Mineralstationen requires the Representative to create a user account before the Representative makes purchases on the Website. When the Representative registers their user account and/or completes an order, the Representative will be asked to provide certain personal and company information. The Representative confirms that the information provided by the Representative is correct and complete and is responsible for incorrectly filled in information. Information on Mineralstationen’s processing of personal data can be found in Mineralstationen’s Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms.

3.2 The Representative undertakes to ensure that nobody other than the Representative can use the Representative’s login information. The Representative may not disclose the username and password to any unauthorised person and must ensure that documents containing the username and password information are stored in such a way that unauthorised persons cannot access the information. The Representative must immediately report to Mineralstationen if unauthorised access to the representative’s password is suspected. The Representative is responsible for all purchases made with their login details if such a notification is not made. 

3.3 If Mineralstationen suspects that the Representative is abusing their user account or login information or otherwise violating the Terms, Mineralstationen is entitled to suspend the Representative. Mineralstationen also has the right to assign new login information to the Representative. 

3.4 To be a Representative, it is required that the Representative has an active account that makes at least one (1) purchase of products per month from Mineralstationen.

3.5 By approving these Terms, Mineralstationen grants the Representative the right to representation compensation, according to clause 4.3, for twenty-four (24) months from the date on which the Representative approved these terms.

4. Prices, fees and payment

4.1 When ordering through the Website, the prices stated on the Website apply. Prices are stated in Swedish kronor (SEK) and include VAT. Prices do not include payment and delivery fees, which are stated separately.

4.2 The Representative may pay using the methods indicated on the Website. Read more about our payment methods and discounts in the Website’s Payment Terms. Mineralstationen has the right to take payment from the Representative at the time of the order, unless an invoice payment or other similar payment method has been chosen by the Representative and approved by Mineralstationen. In the case of invoice payment or part payments, Mineralstationen or its partners may obtain credit information. You will be informed if this is the case. Mineralstationen reserves the right not to always offer all payment methods, or to change payment methods if the one which the Representative has chosen for some reason does not work at the time of purchase. Please note that any payment option restrictions are specified on the Website.

4.3 The Representative is entitled to representation compensation according to Remuneration, see 

5. Promotions and offers

5.1 Mineralstationen may from time to time offer promotions on the Website which may have more favourable terms than stated in these Terms, eg. regarding payment or extended right of return. These preferential terms apply as long as the promotion is active and for those items specified by Mineralstationen in connection with the promotion. Mineralstationen reserves the right to revoke such promotions at any time. Upon termination or revocation of a promotion, these Terms apply without modification. Offers on specific products on the Website are valid for a limited time and as long as stock lasts.

6. Delivery and transport

6.1 Items that are in stock are normally delivered within the number of working days specified on the Website. Unless otherwise specifically agreed (e.g. in connection with the order of goods that are not in stock), delivery will be made within 30 working days of Mineralstationen confirming the order in writing with the order confirmation. More information about Mineralstationen’s delivery of goods and terms of delivery can be found under Delivery Terms.

6.2 The expected delivery time of the goods is shown in the order confirmation, at the checkout and/or on the relevant goods page on the Website. In the event of a delivery delay, Mineralstationen will notify you and continue to monitor the order. Unless otherwise specifically agreed, if a delivery takes more than 30 working days and this is not caused by the actions of you as a Representative, you are entitled to cancel the purchase.

6.3 If packages are to be redeemed, the Representative must do so within the time specified in the notice. Packages should normally be collected in person by someone with valid identification and the order number. The Representative always receives a notification indicating where and when the package is to be collected. Notification can be made via email, post and, if the Representative has provided a mobile number, also via a telephone call or SMS. If the Representative fails to collect the package, Mineralstationen is entitled to charge the Representative a fee of SEK 250 for work performed and freight charges. Please note that uncollected packages do not fall within the scope of the right to return. 

7. Right to return

7.1 When purchasing goods on the Website, a 14-day right to return always applies for individuals, not companies.

8. Products

8.1 All products sold at are approved for use in Sweden. All products sold at are only intended to be complementary to the advice of your doctor and/or therapist and are not in any way intended to replace any medical examination or need for medical attention.

8.2 The products at should not be used as an alternative to a varied diet. The recommended daily dose indicated on the package should not be exceeded. Think about the importance of a versatile and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, suffering from illness or use prescribed medication, you should always consult a doctor before using the products on the Website.

9. Products with Special terms

  • Please note that some products have “Special terms” on the product page. For such products, the special terms set out in this section are applicable.
  • These products are not delivered from Mineralstationen’s warehouse but directly from the supplier.
  • After ordering a product with Special terms, you will be contacted by a transport company to organise the delivery date and time.
  • Delivery is to the specified postal address (to the door if you live in an apartment). If you live on an island with limited communication, you may need to collect at the nearest postal centre, or the delivery may take longer if the carrier needs help from a third party. 
  • Delivery is included in the price, which means you will not be charged for the extra shipping. Please note that in case of a return you will be charged for the return shipping, up to SEK 500 depending on the product. In order for the return to be approved, the product must be packed in its undamaged original packaging. If the packaging is damaged, a refund will not be accepted.
  • We reserve the right to extend delivery times if the product is sold direct from the supplier.
  • We reserve the right to charge the Representative a fee of up to SEK 500 if the package cannot be delivered on time due to incorrect information provided, or if the Representative does not respond when the transport company makes contact. 
  • The Representative is responsible for checking that the delivery contains all the packages indicated on the delivery note and that the package is complete when it is delivered. Any errors must be noted on the driver’s delivery note.

10. Warranty and complaints

10.1 Some of Mineralstationen’s goods may be covered by warranty. Information about any warranty period and specific warranty terms for each item can be found on the Website or in these Terms. Warranty for goods covers only original manufacturing defects and, therefore, not errors that occur during or after a change in the function and appearance of the product, such as redevelopment, upgrading or other configuration of the product. The Representative’s order confirmation is valid as a warranty certificate.

10.2 The right of complaint covers goods which are faulty at the time of delivery. Any Representative wishing to make a claim for a fault in the product ordered must contact Mineralstationen as soon as possible after the fault has been discovered, using the contact details stated on the Website. Complaints must be made as soon as the Representative has detected the fault and no later than 8 days from the detection of the fault. The Representative has a one-year right of complaint against goods purchased on the Website.

10.3 When the faulty item has been returned and the complaint is approved, Mineralstationen will compensate the Representative. Mineralstationen will strive for this to happen within 30 days of Mineralstationen receiving the complaint, but it may take longer depending on the nature of the goods. Mineralstationen reserves the right to refuse a complaint if it turns out that the goods are not faulty. 

11. Links

11.1 Mineralstationen may link to other sites that are outside Mineralstationen’s control, and sites outside Mineralstationen’s control may link to the Website. Although Mineralstationen attempts to ensure that Mineralstationen links only to websites that share Mineralstationen’s personal data and security regulations in accordance with the Privacy Policy, Mineralstationen is not responsible for the protection or confidentiality of information or personal information provided by the Representative on other websites. The Representative should exercise caution and read the privacy policy of the site in question.

12. Force majeure

12.1 Mineralstationen is not responsible for delays caused by circumstances that Mineralstationen could not control such as, for example, general labour conflict, war, fire, lightning strike, terrorist attack, altered government regulation, technical problems, faults in electricity/telecommunications/data connections or other communications and errors or delays in subcontractor services due to circumstances stated herein. These circumstances shall constitute grounds for exemption which result in exemption from damages and other penalties. Should any such situation arise, Mineralstationen will inform the Representative at the beginning and at the end of the period of the situation in question. If the circumstance has lasted for more than two months, both the Representative and Mineralstationen are entitled to cancel the purchase with immediate effect. 

13. Changes to the Terms

13.1 Mineralstationen reserves the right to make changes to these Terms at any time. All changes to these Terms will be posted on the Website. Changes apply from the acceptance of the Terms by the Representative (in connection with a new purchase or visit to the Website), or 30 days after Mineralstationen has informed the Representative of the changes. However, Mineralstationen recommends that the Representative keeps updated on the Website regularly, in order to be aware of any changes to the Terms.

14. Invalidity

14.1 If a competent court, authority or arbitration panel finds that any provision of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable, the provision in question and all other provisions shall be valid and enforceable to the extent permitted by applicable law. The provisions declared invalid or unenforceable will be replaced by relevant legal guidance and advice.

15. Applicable law and disputes

15.1 In the first instance, disputes shall be resolved by consensus following discussion with Mineralstationen’s customer services. 

15.2 Disputes concerning the interpretation or application of these Terms shall be interpreted in accordance with Swedish law and shall be settled in accordance with clause 15.1 above or, ultimately, by a general court, with Halmstad District Court as the first instance.

These Terms have been set by Mineralstationen on 15/01/2019.