How to get a healthy diet for real

Many people feel that they eat a good and healthy diet. Yet they are deficient in their levels of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Dare to review your diet to feel even better.

‘I already eat healthily’. “I eat a lot of green and nutritious food”. “This is how my parents ate and they were healthy as a horse.” Do you recognize yourself in these arguments? Maybe you say this to avoid scrutinizing your diet? Changing your food habits can be difficult. And the fact is that many people have shortcomings, even though they feel they are eating healthily. Why is this the case?

Eating healthily is not only about eating vegetables, good sources of fat, fish a couple of times a week and a varied diet. It is also about the quality of the raw materials. It’s about what your body needs. We have different needs for vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

Focus on locally produced raw materials

Choose locally sourced produce from small farms, from farmers who are passionate about their craft. One way is to look for a REKO ring near you. You can find them on the Hushållningssällskap website. It brings together local talent and you can buy the ingredients directly from the producer.

Buy meat and fish that have had a good life

Are you buying meat? Buy it directly from the farmer where you can confirm the well-being of the animals. Buy wild-caught fish that have lived a natural life and avoid fish from large tanks.

Check the table of contents

When shopping in stores, take the time to turn the package over and read the list of ingredients. Are there things there that you don’t understand or that you don’t want to put in your body? Leave the package on the shelf. A good tip is that the shorter the list of ingredients, the better the food is.
Think about what you need to keep your body healthy. Think about the best way to consume it. Are dietary changes enough or do you need to add extra?

Follow your gut and listen to your body

We make our own choices. Follow your gut feeling! You can always monitor your choices by reading your nutritional levels. Is it working well or do you need to adjust? The body is worthy of your care. It is the one that makes sure you can enjoy life!

"Organic food is natural food, where nature has been allowed to do its thing".

Jamie Oliver

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