Independent Representatives of Mineralstationen are entitled to Representative compensation from Mineralstationen as stated below.

1. Right to compensation

1.1 In order to be entitled to Representative compensation, you need a company liable for F-tax. 1.2 If, during the contract period, you deregister for F-tax and this incurs costs for Mineralstationen or the Parent Company, Mineralstationen or the Parent Company is entitled to invoice you all costs with a handling surcharge of 10%. 1.3 The right to Representative compensation requires that you sell at least 5 sets of Livlig+Laddad per month in level B. Please see § 2.1 for an explanation of level B. It does not matter if these sets are via subscription or unit sales. Your compensation will continue to accumulate and you will not lose anything unless § 1.4 is activated. 1.4 If the Right to Representative compensation under § 1.3 is not achieved for 6 months within a 12-month period, the account will cease and you will lose the right to Representative compensation.

2. Compensation levels

2.1 Compensation is issued according to the model below:
Example 1: You present the products to person B. They buy a package of Laddad & Livlig for SEK 1,390. You are entitled to Representative compensation of SEK 210.98.
Example 2: Person B, whom you previously referred to buy the products, presents the products to person C. They buy a package of Laddad & Livlig for SEK 1,390. You are entitled to Representative compensation of SEK 43.25. Person B is eligible for Representative compensation of SEK 210.98, provided that they have a company registered for F-tax according to § 1.1.
2.2 As a representative, you can see your basis for compensation by logging into 2.3 Mineralstationen is entitled to update 2.1. Compensation levels, with thirty (30) days’ notice.

3. Payment of Representative compensation

3.1 The Independent Representative must invoice for Representative compensation as instructed by Mineralstationen. 3.2 The first payment is made no earlier than sixty (60 days) after the Independent Representative has accumulated the right to compensation according to § 1.3. 3.3 The cut-off date for calculating Representative compensation is no earlier than the 15th and no later than the 30th of the compensation month. This is so that the amounts will be included in the payment run. After the cut-off date, any amount which is not included in the reporting run will be paid in the next payment period. 3.4 In connection with the cut-off date, Mineralstationen sends out a report that forms the basis for Representative compensation. The Independent Representative is entitled to invoice Mineralstationen for Representative compensation according to the report with terms of 30 days net. 3.5 Calculation of Representative compensation takes place in the following months: February, April, June, August, October and December.

4. Taxes and fees

4.1 All compensation is calculated excluding VAT. 4.2 The Independent Representative shall be responsible for any income tax and social security costs.