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Vitamins and Minerals in the right mix + double fatty acids

A package compiled to give you optimal uptake and results.
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1 pc Laddad

1 pc Livlig

1 pcs Möllers Omega 3


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If you choose a subscription: The cheaper subscription price is valid for at least 3 deliveries. Subsequently, the subscription can be canceled without notice. Three deliveries are a good evaluation period as the body has time to start replenishing its reserves and starting healing processes.

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Laddad × 3

Liquid plant-based mineral supplement

Liquid minerals in concentrated form from natural sources giving you an efficient filling of trace elements. Composed to give your body an easily absorbed supplement of charged nutrition.

  • Liquid mixed with water
  • Can be mixed in shaker with Livlig and fatty acids
  • Shall be stored in the refrigerator after opening

The minerals are a naturally produced product and the liquid may contain smaller particles, traces of humic substances used in the extraction of minerals. These are natural and should not be screened away.

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Livlig × 3

A powerful plant-based vitamin complex

Dietary supplement that provides you with all the vitamins and minerals you need each day. Contains 18 amino acids and a mix of colloidal trace minerals. With ingredients from 120 different fruits and vegetables, the antioxidants shoot up and give the product an ORAC value of over 8000 per serving. All ingredients are natural.

  • Powder mixed with water
  • Easily absorbed
  • Contains plant-derived colloidal trace elements
  • Do not need to store in a refrigerator
  • Can be mixed in shaker with Laddad and fatty acids

Möller's tran × 3

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Möller's tran


250 ml


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